Harry’s came to PlusMedia seeking innovative ways to drive business growth. At the time, they were utilizing mostly digital media channels and hadn’t explored offline media as a means of new customer acquisition.


PlusMedia developed a strategic insert media testing plan to identify a winning control creative and format for Harry’s, which was rolled out in box/package inserts and magazine inserts with an initial circulation of over 7 million.


Insert media has proven to be a highly successful channel for Harry’s across both drive-to-web and drive-to-retail executions. Over the past two years, Harry’s has significantly expanded their circulation in box/package inserts and magazine inserts to over 85 million while continuing to achieve their target CPA. Continued growth is expected in 2020 and beyond.

“PlusMedia has been integral in helping us build and scale our insert channel and has been an invaluable agency partner for us. They consistently help us maintain our target CPA goals while driving growth.” ~ Performance Channel Marketing Manager