Package Inserts

Grab your audience’s undivided attention

Reaching the right audience at the right time is one of the greatest hurdles any marketing strategy will face, as consumers today can be easily distracted and overloaded with communication from every direction.

Package inserts are one of the most effective and efficient ways to filter through the noise, reaching customers and prospects directly and grabbing their undivided attention in what can otherwise be a cluttered and overcrowded space.

What are package inserts?

Package inserts are printed advertisements and promotional offers placed in product packaging delivered directly to consumers’ homes. When consumers purchase products online, third-party package inserts are included in the shipment in the form of discount offers, product samples, gifts, product reviews, and more. Brands that leverage package insert marketing experience success in both direct-to-consumer and ecommerce capacities across a wide range of industries.

Benefits of package inserts

Package insert programs (PIP) provide a world of advantages alongside other traditional and digital marketing efforts, including:

  • Tremendous scalability to reach up to millions of highly targeted, ready-to-engage prospects and customers
  • A nearly 100% open rate from people eagerly awaiting their package
  • The ability to highly target specific audiences interested in your industry, products, or services (e.g., a package insert for “20% off your first order of cookware!” in a shipment of cookbooks)
  • A boost in credibility as your insert arrives with the implied endorsement of the brand the customer ordered from
  • Cost-effectiveness as the company sending the package pays for at least a portion of the shipping cost
  • Increased engagement from excited prospects and customers who can’t wait to open their package

Why PlusMedia for package inserts

PlusMedia has decades of experience helping clients leverage package inserts to drive recognition, engagement, and revenue. Our team works closely with clients across dozens of industries to strategize, design, print, and ship fully customized package insert campaigns on your desired timeline. Through our senior-level experience and hands-on approach, we provide businesses with the right plan of attack and fluid execution to help you grow in the short and long term.