PlusMedia recently co-hosted a webinar called “Connected TV and Driving Performance in a Cookie-less World”, in which we discussed the tactical, data-driven approach using Connected TV delivery and display retargeting that has achieved strong lower-funnel performance for our clients. Below, we share a few key takeaways from the presentation.

– Connected Television (CTV) enables users to access content – that typically goes beyond what is offered by traditional cable providers –    through the internet using Smart TVs (i.e., LG, Samsung, etc.), devices (i.e., Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV), and gaming consoles (i.e., PlayStation, Xbox, etc.).

– CTV is growing in popularity based on the trends of decreased linear TV usage and higher usage of CTV, which has only been accelerated by COVID-19.

– CTV offers advertisers high viewership, the power of the big screen to convey key messaging and sophisticated targeting and measurement capabilities on par with digital alternatives.

– Cross-device targeting, whereby advertisers can reach a specific audience with consistent messaging across multiple devices, has been shown to provide significant lifts in brand awareness, engagement and conversion.

– With cookies subject to discontinuation in the immediate future, advertisers can proactively employ other proven methods to measure success, such as correlation analysis, promotional codes, experiments, and customer surveys.