Direct Mail is one of the oldest and most reliable forms of advertising to drive new customer acquisition and increase sales. Its versatility is undeniable, as it has proven successful for a wide range of marketers, from traditional publishers to modern ecommerce retailers.

Direct Mail enables brands to reach their ideal audience utilizing various targeting strategies such as analyzing existing customer data to select look-alike consumers. It’s also an effective CRM or win-back strategy. With so many emails cluttering consumer in-boxes these days, it’s easy for CRM emails to get lost, whereas Direct Mail is much more visible. According to the USPS, the average household receives 157 emails daily but only two Direct Mail pieces.

Fees associated with Direct Mail include media, merge processing, printing, and postage (which accounts for more than half of the cost). While the investment is higher compared to digital channels, the ROI is profitable when proper targeting strategies are implemented along with a relevant message. The ANA reports that Direct Mail response rates can be 10-30% higher than that of digital.

Marketers may discount offline media channels because it’s not as easy to track results. But Direct Mail is easily trackable and matchback analysis can be conducted to confirm attribution. Using a unique promo code, phone number, URL, and landing page also provides marketers with tracking capabilities.

With so much scale and potential in Direct Mail, it is crucial to constantly test in order to truly reap the rewards of this timeless channel. Data sources, format, offer, and creative should be tested and refined to ensure the mail stands out and is relevant to the target audience.

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