PlusMedia, LLC, a direct response marketing agency dedicated to helping brands acquire and retain customers and drive profitable revenue growth, today announced the launch of its new internal media planning tool – Pinpoint, a proprietary database of more than 4,000 advertising opportunities in the U.S. and Canada within offline media channels including package inserts, magazines, shared mail, newspapers, and more.

Pinpoint captures data such as annual universe, audience demographics, geography, targeting capabilities, format specifications, and advertiser usage and is updated daily, making it the most comprehensive source of media program information available today and far surpassing syndicated media planning resources in terms of data breadth and integrity.

Searchable across multiple criteria, Pinpoint’s advanced filtering functionality enables PlusMedia to zero in on the most targeted and relevant opportunities to meet each client’s marketing objectives and build customized strategies that deliver maximum ROI.

While PlusMedia has maintained a proprietary media database since its inception in 1998, Pinpoint represents a significant enhancement in the company’s media planning capabilities.

“We have over 20 years of experience and inherent knowledge of which programs perform best for different types of advertisers,” said President & CEO Sherry Scapperotti. “Pinpoint is the perfect marriage of our intellect and technology.”

It’s this synthesis of technical resources and human expertise that has differentiated PlusMedia as an agency for decades and continues to drive success for clients such as Jet, HelloFresh, Feeding America, Quip, and Harry’s, to name a few. PlusMedia has consistently maintained a 95% client retention rate throughout its 20-year history.

Pinpoint is owned and maintained exclusively by PlusMedia, LLC. For more information, or to request a customized media proposal, please contact Sandra Roscoe, EVP Strategy & Development at 203.448.4810 or [email protected].