PlusMedia, LLC, a leading provider of innovative marketing solutions, and Deep Sync, a provider of best-in-class marketing audiences, are thrilled to announce the launch of our exclusive College Direct Mail Program.

Designed specifically to target this hard-to-reach demographic through quality names utilized by major advertisers, our program leverages the power of direct mail to deliver tailored marketing materials directly to students’ homes through a co-operative mailing effort. By capitalizing on this unique opportunity, brands can effectively engage students and establish meaningful relationships – without paying postage costs! This is the first program of its kind to offer Connected TV and Social Media integration opportunities.
“It’s exciting to be part of this first time College Direct Mail program that has the capability to integrate digital media elements,” said Sandra Roscoe, EVP Media Monetization & Growth PlusMedia. “Brands are asking for new ways to reach the College Market and our partnership with Deep Sync is making it happen.”
“We’re thrilled to join forces with PlusMedia for the College Direct Mail Program. With their experience planning and executing cooperative mailers and our high-quality, deterministic datasets, this partnership will open new possibilities for targeted marketing campaigns,” said Grant Ries, CEO Deep Sync. “For the first time, clients will be able to combine the power of cooperative mailers and the ability to reach niche audiences through both direct mail and digital media.”
To request more information, please contact Sandra Roscoe at 203.448.4810 or [email protected].

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