Perdue Farms is a prime example of a brand who has evolved to meet the needs of its customers, particularly as those needs have changed based on the pandemic. In an interview with eMarketer, Senior Vice President and CMO at Perdue, David Zucker, notes that the company is “very focused on the specific channels our consumers are interacting with.” He went on to report that these days, Perdue customers are “much more likely to shop through digital channels.” In response, the company is concentrating more of its marketing and sales efforts on ecommerce. (

While Perdue had been in the process of launching a direct-to-consumer division, this initiative was accelerated by the onset of the pandemic, as consumers began shopping online more than ever before. With everyone spending more time at home and less time in grocery stores and restaurants, Perdue’s DTC model aligned perfectly with its customers’ needs, enabling them to order fresh, high quality meat for home delivery through the Perdue website.

To specifically address the challenges posed by the pandemic, Perdue took the DTC approach a step further by partnering with local fire departments and businesses to hold community chicken buying events, where customers were able to drive up and purchase Perdue chicken from the safety of their vehicles. This focus on customer service has served the company well, as evidenced by its longevity. In 2020, Perdue celebrated its 100th Anniversary as a family-owned business.

As its DTC business continues to grow, Perdue has launched a box insert program and is now accepting ads into customer shipments. PlusMedia is pleased to welcome this iconic brand to our client family and oversee the launch of their program. For more information on advertising opportunities with Perdue Farms, please contact Sandra Roscoe at 203-448-4810 or [email protected].