When developing an omnichannel media campaign, selecting the right media is a crucial step. However, media selection alone isn’t enough to guarantee success. The key to a successful campaign is identifying the proper targets within each media channel and, equally as important, utilizing the right format, creative, and offer to engage your desired audience and maximize response.

So how exactly are the “right” elements determined? Through strategic testing.

Conducting format, creative, and offer testing utilizing a small but statistically valid quantity allows marketers to determine a winning combination before making a significant media investment. Test results supply valuable learnings that can be leveraged to make strategic business decisions and build a solid foundation for future growth.

Marketers may be surprised by what ultimately generates response. For example, traditional direct mail formats that were used decades ago have proven successful even for today’s modern ecommerce brands. Through strategic format, creative, and offer testing, PlusMedia has seen lifts of up to 500%. These insights have enabled our clients to expand into media channels they may not have considered initially, but that ultimately delivered promising results and healthy ROI.

Ideally, if marketers have a proven format, creative, and offer, that control ad (or a less expensive version of it) should be used to test new media, with all other variables eliminated. While one size does not fit all, PlusMedia’s 20-year historical knowledge of what formats, types of offers, and creative best practices work in various offline and digital media channels – from direct mail and package inserts, to social, display, and more – shortens the learning curve and positions our clients for greater success.

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