If you sell products online, you’ve likely noticed a recent uptick in business, as consumers spend more time working, schooling, and shopping from home. Retail ecommerce orders reportedly grew by 29% in first quarter of this year (eMarketer). While increased sales are certainly good for your bottom line, there’s a way to make every customer order even more profitable – by accepting inserts in your ecommerce shipment boxes.

Box inserts enable you to monetize every customer order and create a new revenue stream from your existing business. It’s a win-win: your customers receive exciting offers from relevant brands, and you earn additional revenue – on top of your sales revenue – for distributing the ads.

Many of today’s leading brands utilize box inserts to generate revenue across a variety of industries – apparel, home décor, entertainment, healthcare, meal delivery, and more. And advertisers who leverage box inserts to acquire customers are always seeking new insertion opportunities to reach consumers directly in-home.

Launching a box insert program requires little financial investment and working with an experienced Partnership Marketing agency makes the process simple, seamless, and turn-key. With the current surge of ecommerce traffic, now is the perfect time to start generating more revenue.